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About International Paneuropean Union

International paneuropean union


The International Pan-Europa Union, gathered in Strasbourg on 10 December 1995, is faithfully adherant as a supra-national movement to the political ideas and ideals of its founder, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Formulated by him for the first time in 1922, the vision of a Europe united in freedom, justice and peace, continues to apply unabated, even after the historic changes of the past few years.

The liberation of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe from the yoke of Soviet communism has opened a new phase of European history which moves the chance for European unification within easy reach.

Even after the demise of communist rule over half of our continent, the Pan-Europa Union is not satisfied with the status quo.

The Pan-Europa Union is committed to a European patriotism, which is the crowning achievement of the national identities of all Europeans. In an era of global interdependence and challenges only a strong and politically united Europe, can guarantee the future of its peoples and ethnic groups.

The Pan-Europa Union advocates the self-determination of the people and the right of the people and ethnic groups for cultural, economic and political development.

The Pan-Europa Union is committed to the free, self-dependent development of the person, the strengthening of the family and other natural communities, as well as to a Europe that is characterized by social justice and the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity.

The responsibility for the lives of future generations includes the responsibility of mankind and the state for its creation.

Christianity is the soul of Europe. Our mission is characterized by the Christian image of man and the rule of law. By calling on European community values, the Pan-Europa Union opposes all tendencies which erode the intellectual and moral force of Europe. It respects the contribution of Judaism and Islam for our mental and cultural development, something in which they inseparably share.

The Pan-Europa Union is convinced that the diversity of European culture and history as well as its peoples and languages are part of the wealth of Europe.

The aim of the Pan-Europa Union is the unity of all European nations in a strong Europe, which effectively represents its interests and ideals in the world. It requires the rapid incorporation of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe into the European Union, which represents the nucleus of the united Europe of tomorrow.

The Pan-Europa Union supports the development of the European Union, including the areas of security and defense, making it a fully effective political unit, both outwards and inwards.

This Europe should maintain friendly relations with its neighbours, particularly with Russia, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries.

Our continent is called upon, to defend the ideals of freedom and human dignity in the world.